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Advisory & Corporate Finance

for media, digital and FMCG

We provide advisory and corporate finance to accelerate corporate development. Our teams apply professional expertise and draw on operational experience across strategy, finance, tax, law, HR, IT, sales development and research to drive value creation, profit growth and business transformation.

We provide corporate development support to our clients including: 

  • Scale up support, SME support and investment 
  • Exit planning through divestment, succession planning or EOT
  • Fractional director roles including NED, finance, HR, IT and General Counsel 
  • Investor and corporate development including strategy, acquisitions, divestments, employee engagement, sales development, IT and cost reduction.

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“We are strong advocates of entrepreneurialism and progressive management and apply our expertise, know-how, intellect, imagination and contacts to resolutely and tenaciously pursue our clients’ interests to provide them with a competitive advantage.”

Our forward-looking and collegiate approach draws on practical experience in management and enables us to create bespoke solutions for businesses whether they be SMEs or large corporations that are seeking to accelerate their performance and optimise outcomes. Our advisors are experienced senior managers and board advisors who draw on their experience in management, finance, law and tax and integrity to provide considered and practical support.  

Our clients seek us out because we combine professionalism with multidisciplinary experience through high growth and transformative business cycles to create services delivered with our commitment to advance their business interests and provide them with a competitive edge.

Link Stone Advisory Limited

We offer free initial consultations and we are always keen to meet talented professionals who are keen to work with us.

A​ company registered in England and Wales, Registration number: 123272242. Registered office: 2 Russel Street, Bath, BA1 2QF, United Kingdom. A list of directors and officers of the the company is available at the registered office.

A member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales Practice Assurance Scheme.

Regulated by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales for a range of investment business activities.


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