Build and scale your team to create a competitive advantage

Fast growing businesses often find recruiting a significant challenge, particularly with limited finances to compete with businesses that have an established position and have more access to resources to attract and retain talent. Overcoming this challenge provides a route to improved productivity, innovation and  market insights by building a self-sustaining culture that nurtures talent. In the context of a (sometimes slightly chaotic) high growth phase generating this competitive advantage through increased  employee engagement can be a challenge for a small leadership team. Like compound interest, the earlier you start, the earlier the benefits begin to build. 

We work alongside leadership teams as a trusted partner to help them develop their businesses. We take their existing strengths and ambitions, apply our multidisciplinary experience, a few useful approaches and techniques and tools to accelerate and seize the opportunity rather than just get by.  We focus on supporting clients to achieve four key outcomes, namely:

1 Attracting the right people. Whether your requirements are aptitude, knowledge or character based, there’s a key skill in ensuring you are both attractive and visible to the right people. We draw on our experience across creative, technical, sales and management to adapt to your needs. 

2 Appointing the right people. Critically assessing and developing the recruitment process can have a significant impact on motivating existing staff and developing culture as well as making the right decisions to move the business forward. We coach teams to enable them to become more structured and strategic to make smart operational decisions. 

3 Developing people. Creating the right culture and framework for teams and individuals to develop can be the critical consideration for attracting talent. Done well, this can introduce highly rewarding interventions to promote self-awareness and self-development across the organisation, alongside productivity benefits and achieving an appropriate balance for retention.  We provide a framework successfully applied for clients to make this change, adapting techniques, tools and practices to help each client create a uniquely relevant solution for their business. 

4 Motivating people. Employee engagement is a competitive challenge and opportunity for many businesses. While early stage companies tend to have an abundance of passion and enthusiasm, it can be a challenge to maintain and extend that engagement as the workforce increases.  We work with teams to identify and make changes, and if necessary recover what has been lost, to create a set of practices and behaviours that create engaged teams that increase performance.

How we can help: Building high performing teams does not need to be expensive, but it does require effort and benefits from investment in social/emotional intelligence (which can be difficult to nuance without objective analysis). We work with our clients to fast track better outcomes by creating bespoke solutions, drawing on our breadth of operational experience and applying best practice techniques to optimise change in the workplace. Get in touch if you would like to have a confidential discussion to accelerate your business.

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