Has Your Tech Development Stalled?

For scaling businesses IT can be one of the most frustrating aspects of the business, especially if tech development is not a core discipline. We’ve seen countless occasions where the leadership team cannot understand why their development does not seem to get out of the blocks and build traction. And the warning sign is just that: things don’t happen, deadlines are missed, basic support is not available despite the time, patience and support.

Common reasons for these issues include:

  • A fundamental gap between the idea and delivery, with the tech dev just not being complete;
  • Unclear, over-complicated or prioritisation of requirements;
  • Absence of technical project management and ownership;
  • Poor technical maturity;
  • Lack of planning for system and data architecture (system coherence across your technology landscape) and technology selection; and 
  • Inappropriate pre-production testing environments and network resilience. 

These issues arise when a ‘black box’ approach to IT is applied and has led to businesses having to start their tech investment again, despite massive investments. 

How we can help:

We don’t develop code and we do not resell software and so provide objective assessments of your IT capabilities, which can enable you to drive tech agility and the best way forward for your business. Our impartial and insightful information helps decision makers with short term and strategic technology priorities to ensure their services empower/underpin their business needs. Our core capabilities are for tech architecture, business analysis and project management that can supplement or help change your current setup, with a strong element of benchmarking across publishing, ecommerce, CRM, marketing, finance and proprietary applications. For more information, contact hello@linkstoneadvisory.com for a free and confidential initial consultation.

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